Past Sessions

Cliff Asness

Managing and Handicapping Risk Factors

Charley Ellis

Common Mistakes & Investment Best Practices

Marc Lasry

Today’s Opportunities in Credit

Jon Corzine

Where Politics and Investments Collide

Blake Hutcheson

Today’s Opportunities in Real Estate

Mario Gabelli

What 40 Years of Value Investing Has Taught Me

Steve Pagliuca

Today’s Opportunities in Private Equity

Cliff Robbins

How to Extract Value in the Equities Market

Pierre Lassonde

Gold, Commodities, & The State of the World

Dan Gardner

The Art and Science of Prediction

Mary Schapiro

Fraud and Investor Abuse: What More Can Be Done to Stop It

Greg Zuckerman

Why Experts Keep Getting It Wrong and the Outsiders Keep Getting it Right

Stanley M. Bergman

The Mastery of Leadership and Capital Allocation in Value Creation

Tom Claugus

How to Extract Value in the Equities Markets

David Rubenstein

Where Philanthropy and Private Equity Meet

Rai Sahi

What Are Today’s Greatest Risks and Opportunities in Real Assets

Jim Chanos

Today’s Greatest Risks and Opportunities: A Short Seller’s Prespective

Leon Black

Finding Value Across the Asset Classes

Sam Zell

What 50 Years of Investing in Real Estate Will Teach You

Jack Bogle

The Values, Ethics, & Standards Investors Should Expect

William Thorndike

How to identify & Engage Talent

Dr. Peter Orszag

Peter Observations from Wall Street and Washington

Joshua Friedman

Today’s Opportunities in Credit

Philip Barach

Today’s Opportunities in Real Estate

Byron Wien & Avery Shenfeld

Global Economic Update

Michael Mauboussin

Skill vs. Luck in Investing

Nelson Peltz & Keith Meister

Activist Investing

John Angelo

Real Estate Investing

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