Prime Quadrant

Prime Quadrant is an investment research and consulting firm helping affluent Canadians make better investment decisions.

Prime Quadrant currently has over $13 billion of assets under consultation*. Our team helps investors optimize their financial picture and identify best-in-class opportunities across all asset classes.

The commitment to investor education and being completely conflict-free has allowed Prime Quadrant families achieve superior results and feel empowered in making better investment decisions.

I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. I salute you for putting on such a FANTASTIC conference in ALL aspects but the most important was the caliber of the speakers. Thank you!

Eric A. (Ottawa family office)

*For many of our clients, we provide consulting services for all of their assets and use the Assets Under Consultation metric of measurement as we believe we have an impact on all assets held by clients whether or not we directly introduced those assets to them or not. Assets Under Consultation is different from the more traditional Assets Under Management metric of measurement.

This conference is exclusively for family offices and ultra-high-net-worth Canadians interested in becoming better investors and stewards of wealth.
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