Supporting Sickkids

Mental health and physical health are inseparable, except when it comes to how we treat them.

By supporting the Medical Psychiatry Alliance, you’re joining SickKids and the Prime Quadrant Foundation as a catalyst for change, ensuring that children’s mental health needs will be met wherever they are in their physical health journey.

Children with a physical illness often experience a mental illness at the same time. For example, a child newly diagnosed with cancer, may develop depression. Or a teen who has recently lost a parent and is unable to express their grief may experience chronic pain even if there is no evidence of physical trauma. These illnesses are inseparable, but currently our siloed health-care system is not set up to treat them as such.

SickKids, in partnership with The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Trillium Health Partners and University of Toronto, created the Medical Psychiatry Alliance to bring together the best minds in healthcare to treat the whole patient – both body and mind – from the very first visit. In particular, SickKids will focus on enhancing the care of children and youth with complex illnesses.

Thank you for taking up the fight against mental illness.

Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful event yesterday. It was amazing. So much knowledge from each speaker and panel. The whole place was a buzz and it is great to see a Canadian firm pull together such an array of thinkers. Everything was first class, and you should be very proud of the impact of your firm.

Bill F. (Thornhill-based family office)

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